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When Love Breaks Us

When Love Breaks Us

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Sophie Shah was just like a decadent dessert.

Indulgent, overly sweet, beautiful, and extremely bad for you. Scratch that-bad for me. Her big brown, doe eyes and shiny raven hair had me begging for a taste. But just like something you crave, as much as it's a desire you're dying for it also might just kill you. This gorgeous spitfire had me losing self-control faster than ever but Sophie was completely off limits. Not only was she much younger than me, she's also my best friend's little sister.


Damien Moretti was my crime and my punishment. He was everything I didn't need, but everything I wanted. He makes people disappear and I'm sure he wishes he could do the same to me.

Except he's stuck with me, because I'm his best friend's little sister and have no intention of running away from what I know I want. Even if it destroys me, Damien Moretti is a thief. He will steal your heart, then soul and never apologize about it. Because, the way he looks at me I know, it's only a matter of time before he takes my heart and turns it into ashes.

I already know it's not an if, but a when love breaks us.

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