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The Fine Art of Faking It

The Fine Art of Faking It

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Davis Gates. Naked. Tossing her a handful of orgasms like he was on a lust-themed parade float.

Innkeeper Eden has got it all. Well, mostly. She's cornered the hospitality market in Blue Moon offering visitors a place to stay in her hippie-dippie hometown. Business is booming, she's close-but not too close-to family, and she's got her dogs and her friends to keep her company.

Unfortunately, she also shares a property line with the crush who broke her teenage heart.

Davis spends his days wrestling control of the family winery from his father's semi-retired hands. He doesn't have time for things like dating or dealing with his grudge-holding next-door neighbor. Besides, they're just the latest generation to participate in their families' fifty-year feud.

When the Beautification Committee resorts to an unprecedented-and disastrous-matchmaking scheme, enemies Eden and Davis join forces to take them down. These two frenemies can survive being fake lovers for a few weeks if it means teaching their neighbors all's not fair in love and war.

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