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Tattoo Bible Book 1

Tattoo Bible Book 1

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Whether you are preparing for your first tattoo or your twenty-seventh, you need artwork and designs that are just right. Tattoo Bible, authored by Superior Tattoo, provides well over 500 pieces of unique flash art - flash never before compiled into one single book.

While most tattoo books available today concentrate on one specific genre or style, Tattoo Bible covers twelve different categories, and the ideas are endless. This is not just a book to add to your collection. This is your collection. You can combine different pieces of art from within the book, or just take them as is. This book is for you and your imagination to do with as you wish.

Published by ArtKulture, an imprint of Wolfgang Publications, the flash art shown here is both striking and very useful to both the tattoo shop, and the tattoo aficionado. Scan, enlarge, reduce or modify the art. The 500 color images found here equals at least 5000 good ideas for new or traditional ink. 144 pages, and over 500 color images.

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