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Reasonable Adults

Reasonable Adults

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At a crossroads both personally and professionally, a newly single, thirty-something marketing exec takes a chance on a too-good-to-true winter job at an exclusive artists' retreat in the wilds of Canada - only to find out she's way in over her head - in this sharply written, relatable, and hilarious debut novel.

Fans of Lizzy Dent, Sarah Haywood, Sophie Cousens, Linda Holmes, and Jenny Bayliss will love the blend of deep soul searching, propitious romance, and a snowy setting in this insightful story about a woman finding the next phase of her life in a totally unexpected way.

The morning after a humiliating post-breakup social media post (#sponsoredbywine), Kate Rigsby learns she's lost her marketing job along with her almost-fiancé. Worse, she realizes how little she truly cared about either. Craving a reset, Kate flees the big-city life she spent many years building--and almost as many doubting--to take a temporary gig at Treetops, a swanky, off-the-grid creative retreat in Muskoka, complete with meditation circles, deluxe spa, and artisanal cocktails. At least, that's what the brochure promises . . . . 

The reality is a struggling resort that's stuck in the 1990s, fax machine included. Kate's office is a bunker, her boss is a nightmare, and at night she shares a freezing hut with her seventy-pound Goldendoodle. Then there's the sexy, off-limits coworker whose easy smile and lumberjack forearms are distracting Kate from the already near-impossible task of making this snowbound oasis profitable.

On the upside, the surroundings are breathtaking. The Treetops crew is quirky and (mostly) kind. And somehow, Kate's starting to feel a new enthusiasm for her career--and her life. In fact, she's daring to challenge herself in ways she never dreamed of before.

With wit and heart, Reasonable Adults explores the crossroads we all face--and how a detour born of disaster can take us just where we need to go.

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