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Our Final Love Song

Our Final Love Song

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Jamie and Emma's relationship is on the brink of death. After five years of dating, the high school sweethearts have run their course. At least that's what Emma thinks. While they are both highly-trained pianists on the verge of their big break, Jamie's the only one who can't seem to prioritize them, and she's had enough. On their way to the musicians' retreat, they spend every summer at, she finally tells him the truth: they're over.

Their failing relationship seems to be their biggest problem. That is, until they arrive at camp and realize something is very wrong: they've gone back a year in time. More than that, the two of them are the only ones who seem to notice it. This in itself isn't good, but what's worse is, in the present time, the summer will be finalized by a major showcase that will determine the fate of their careers.

They need to find a way to go back, and fast. So if they have to work together to find the solution to their crazy time-travel issue? Then so be it. And if Jamie can find a way to make Emma fall in love with him again in the process? Well, even better.

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