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Not Part of the Plan

Not Part of the Plan

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"He's the kind of man who would talk you into dropping your panties in a coat closet at a party, dole out orgasms like after-dinner mints, and then never call you again."

Photographer Nikolai Vulkov is a love 'em and leave 'em bad boy with a leather jacket, motorcycle, and sexy-as-sin grin.

He is not Emma Merrill's type. The feisty brewery manager isn't impressed by Niko's charm or his "no strings attached" offer. She's the kind of girl a man settles down with. And the small town of Blue Moon is where she and her sisters have decided to put down roots.

In Niko's experience, relationships only lead to heartache. Besides, he's only in town until he finds a way to get his creative mojo back. He and Emma are completely wrong for each other. Even the matchmaking Beautification Committee agrees. They should definitely stay in the friend zone.

Okay. So maybe they gave in to their attraction that one time. Fine. Five times. Who's counting? But once Emma's ex-boyfriend shows up in town, she'll come to her senses, and Niko will go back to New York. Right?

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