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Love Again

Love Again

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After a devastating breakup six months ago, Mara, a famous but anonymous painter, lost her ability to paint, and with it her sense of self. Low on funds and desperate to find herself again, she moves into her grandparents' old cabin in Copper Springs, Colorado.

As Mara settles into her new life, a phone call from her agent puts her career on the line: deliver a new collection of paintings in fIve months or watch her career tank. Mara strives to reconnect to her old magic, but every time she lays brush to canvas, she fails to create anything worthwhile.

Despite her attempts to stick to herself and focus on keeping her career alive, small-town life proves to be more helpful than she anticipated when the handsome local cheesemonger catches her eye and the quirky art store owner insists on friendship.

Faced with crippling self-doubt, the ghosts of her past, and a sudden shift in her deadline, Mara must decide if it's safer to hide herself from her new friends for the sake of protecting her art and identity, or if it's worth the risk to learn to love again.

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