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Friends with Boats

Friends with Boats

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Three friends challenged with marriage, work, children, and self-doubt-all fall for the same man.

The handsome, charming, wealthy, and recently divorced Mack Taylor returns to Cape Cod at the beginning of the summer season after years away and shakes up several lives. It all begins with an innocent Facebook friend request to Sadie from Mack. Mack is coming back to the Cape to open a resort. Having once dated him, Sadie she feels she has dibs on a renewed friendship. But she soon realizes she has competition from her best friends: Charlotte, the charismatic former model, and Ada, the smart and coy beauty. All the women are at crossroads in their lives, so Mack's laid-back personality and attention is alluring and magnetic. But are they willing to gamble their marriages and families for a second chance at love? And will their friendships survive?

Alexandra Slater depicts Cape Cod sensuously, and the glittering beaches, boats, golf clubs, summer soirées, and fancy cocktails make for a lingering and memorable setting that readers will find irresistible. Yet, equally relatable to readers is the fact that even with all their luxuries, the women of Friends with Boats are still searching for something more. Mack's return to the Cape is a catalyst for self-discovery and reinvention.

Filled with humor, drama, sex, and romance, Friends with Boats is the perfect beach read.

Alexandra Slater is an award-winning journalist and writer. She graduated from Columbia University and is a former actress and comedian with Upright Citizens Brigade. She splits her time between Boston and Cleveland with her husband, their children, and three dogs.

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