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The Bearcub Book Den

Con Artist

Con Artist

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Archie Prewitt is a no-nonsense FBI agent with a hero complex and a case to solve. He has dedicated his life to his job in an effort to enact policy change where he sees it's needed. That drive and determination land Archie on what the bureau deems an unsolvable case. An art theft ring is forging works of art and stealing the originals without a trace. Not on his watch, though. After months of chasing dead ends, he's finally got a lead.

Georgia Dewan is a freelance artist, struggling to make it in Chicago's budding art scene. She's not in a position to pick and choose commissions she's asked to create-a girl has to eat. With enough talent to master whatever she sets her mind to, she's the FBI's number one suspect.

Archie is willing to do whatever it takes to solve this case, even if it means putting his job on the line. But after a short time with Georgia, the only thing on the line is his heart.

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